Weeding Wednesday

Ok, so I’ve made that up… however, I have started a new project which requires heavy weeding and the rearranging of a rock border.

There are old pavers to be removed and rocks replaced. It’s always rewarding to see the weeds gone and a new project evolving.

The light is dappled and I can work at my own pace under the shade of the lilac tree.

Further around the garden I can see figs ripening with the hostas looking on.

After a day’s lifting, weeding and rolling rocks into place, I’m quite pleased with the result. Cats also inspected the new garden bed!

What are your favourite plants for afternoon dappled light??

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5 thoughts on “Weeding Wednesday

  1. Hi there. These photos of your garden are beautiful and I love the work you’ve done on your path. I also wanted to reach out to you. I’m hoping that you and your family are safe from the fires. Know that so many people around the world are thinking of Australia at this difficult time.

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    • Thank you so much Kevin for your kind words and concern. We are ok even though we live in a bushfire prone area, as you know. It is a very sad time for all of us especially for the loss of so many animals and wildlife and deaths of those trying to defend their properties. Many thanks again.

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