Glasshouse gleaming and dreaming

Here in southern Australia, the days are getting shorter and colder. May is a great month for autumn colour but also for completing some key garden jobs before it gets too cold.

One such job is cleaning out the glasshouse. Which means taking every pot out! Luckily we have this handy deck just outside.

A bucket with soapy water and I’m ready to wash down the benches and the walls. It’s worth it.

Next, I hose down the concrete to get rid of all the bugs 🐜 in the corners.

I have to race against the dimming light and cold to bring these plants back in.

These begonias are still flowering!!!

Job done ✅ Now I can sit and dream of more plants! Stay in your garden and breath – be safe and positive.

4 thoughts on “Glasshouse gleaming and dreaming

  1. Hi. It’s so interesting to see your prep work for winter… When I think of Australia, I never really think of it as “cold.” In fact, I always think it’s a bit like South Florida, only drier. I guess that climate must be along your northern coast. In any event, it’s a beautiful glass house! I hope you are well and staying safe. (By the way, I’m just about finished binge-watching “Please, Like Me.” Pretty funny.

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    • Hi Kevin, thank you for your lovely comments. Here in southern Victoria it does get quite cold and we have the fire going inside already! I’ve done the reverse to you having grown up further north in the sub-tropics and now living in a cold zone. I will have a look at “Please, Like Me” sounds like a laugh. I hope you are all well and enjoying your garden. (Our glasshouse has given us so much joy during this time).

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