Day One – en route to Italy

Our group successfully managed to navigate the labyrinths of two mega airport hubs, endure the unflattering pastiness of jet lag and enjoy the new experiences and benefits associated with air travel in the 21st Century. They all bring their own individuality and their own apprehensions to such an undertaking. What has surprised me is how well travelled most of them are!

Dubai airport always fascinates. It hosts a cultural blend to which we, as Australians, are not often exposed. The rich flowing kaftans, the dark chocolate colourings, the endless duty free glitter and the faint exotic taunt of the mystical near Middle East, are hard to ignore.

It is only then that we start to feel that Rome, the official start of our adventure, is suddenly attainable at only six hours away.

Our tour leader Marisa is exceptionally calm, organized and a passionate aficionado of all that is travel. She effortlessly instructs us on the nuances of each place and placidly ferries us from gate to gate. Already she has met four ex colleagues who have cited her as their inspiration for travel to “la Bella Italia”!




As you can tell we have arrived!